Private Events

Private Events are sessions that are exclusively your guests.  We tailor these sessions to your group.  Most often, these are a goat social that is held just for your group, but it can also be for a special occasion such as a birthday, celebration, friends visiting, just some individual baby goat time, whatever you want!  The pricing for these events is based on a goat social but we can also potentially do a private goat yoga class in these time slots given appropriate coordination. The yoga events do have a higher cost due to having an instructor, mats to clean, and additional helpers.  

During private events, we have more flexibility to tailor the sessions to you. We can gear them to address a specific area of goat ownership if you’d like such as learning how to show, learning how to care for them in more detail, learning how to milk a doe (need to know ahead of time), or if you simply want to enjoy the peacefulness of snuggle time that is perfectly fine too! 

If you would like the private event to be an extended event for a birthday party, we can offer tables and chairs for refreshments for an hour after your event, but that needs to be coordinated so there is time for that.  The fee for the tables and chairs is $50.  The times for that would be the first and last slots of the day excluding Sundays.  Please call to schedule those, but you can see on the Calendar app here if there is a time slot available.  

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